[reportlab-users] Multipage tables

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Oct 1 06:29:25 EDT 2010

On 30/09/2010 23:48, Juan Efren Castillo wrote:

> Thanks for your response, I am doing this way:


> canvasTable = Table(data, colWidths=tuple(widths), rowHeights=None)

> w,h = canvasTable.wrapOn(p,3*72,2*72)

> canvasTable.drawOn(p, t.x, page_size[1]-t.y-h, 0)


> So what I understand is to do a wrap for each page ?


> On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 6:58 AM, Robin Becker<robin at reportlab.com> wrote:


>> On 30/09/2010 02:29, Juan Efren Castillo wrote:


>>> I have a dynamically generated table how ever when the number of rows is

>>> big, they just got printed outside my canvas, how can I print these rows

>>> in

>>> other page ?

>>> Thanks in advance. :)


>> .......

>> you don't say exactly how you're drawing the table. Since Tables are

>> Flowables the doctemplate classes handle them properly. If you're trying to

>> draw them directly onto a canvas then you need to emulate the way that the

>> doctemplate does it when the flowables are added to a frame.


>> table.wrap(availableWidth,availableHeight) --> requiredWidth,

>> requiredHeight


>> table.split(availableWidth,availableHeight) --> list of flowables, the

>> first of which is supposed to fit into the available space.



>> --

>> Robin Becker





It's not exactly clear how the table content relates to the page since t is not

The obvious way to split up a table into chunks is then going to be like this

T = [Table(data, colWidths=tuple(widths), rowHeights=None)]
tH = xxx #desired size per page
tW = xxx
x = xxx #desired table location on the page
y = xxx

while T:
t = T.pop(0)
w,h = t.wrapOn(canv,tW,tH)
if w>tW:
raise ValueError('table too wide')
if h>tH:
S = t.splitOn(canv,tW,tH)
if not S:
raise ValueError('cannot split table')
#S[0] should fit
t = S.pop(0)
t.drawOn(canv, x, y, 0)
T[0:0] = S #insert unused stuff back into T
#whole table fits do that
t.drawOn(canv, x, y, 0)

or something similar with variation in positions/sizes etc etc
Robin Becker

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