[reportlab-users] Failure to compile _renderPM.c on Solaris-i386

Alex Buck lxbuck at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 16:50:08 EST 2010

Hey Everyone,

I was just testing out the reportlab2.5 package and was getting some
problems with it compiling under Solaris.

reportlab-2.5/src/rl_addons/renderPM/_renderPM.c: In function ‘parse_utf8’:
reportlab-2.5/src/rl_addons/renderPM/_renderPM.c:81: error: expected
identifier or ‘*’ before numeric constant
reportlab-2.5/src/rl_addons/renderPM/_renderPM.c:96: error: expected
identifier or ‘*’ before numeric constant
reportlab-2.5/src/rl_addons/renderPM/_renderPM.c:100: error: expected
‘;’ before ‘:’ token
reportlab-2.5/src/rl_addons/renderPM/_renderPM.c:101: error: expected
expression before ‘else’

79: else if(first<0xc0){
80: E0: msg = "Imvalid UTF-8 String";
81: goto ERR;

It seems as if ERR label is being defined somewhere else, maybe in a
macro. Anywas here is a patch which changes the label names to
something with less of a chance of colliding with a macro.

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