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Yuriy Asyutin yasyutin at gmail.com
Fri May 14 05:47:39 EDT 2010

I'll try some examples to find out this - think you are right. Anyway CJK
fonts work in ReportLab even without parsing CMap files - both Asian and
Extended language packs consist of *.otf resources however Asian font pack
has also cmap files - Does it mean that only CJK Asian pack consist of
CID-keyed fonts? Can I consider Extended lang pack also as CID-keyed fonts?
I'm asking those questions because I couldn't find on adobe.com such

Thanks for the help and usefull hints.

2010/5/13 Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com>

> On 13/05/2010 09:45, Andy Robinson wrote:

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>> Do you have any examples of real-world PDFs which display Cyrillic but

>> don't contain any fonts? If so, please show us one and maybe we can

>> see how it is done. I wonder if they work for you, but for a Western

>> user Acrobat will prompt them to download an extra font pack? The

>> only other approach I can see is to convert all glyphs to bezier

>> curves, which would be very slow.


> ........

> I feel this might work if instead of using an 8 bit encoding for text you

> use the 16bit unicode encoding which seems to be allowed everywhere text is

> allowed. I know this works with CJK in the document attributes eg Author

> Title etc etc and I think it works in outlines etc etc so it would probably

> work for Cyrillic in the same way.

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> Robin Becker


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