[reportlab-users] How could I do this? inline images with relative widths

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Jun 17 07:56:34 EDT 2010

On 17/06/2010 11:39, Roberto Alsina wrote:

> Maybe I am not clear. What I want is something like this:


> Bla Bla<img src=whatever.jpg width=50%/> bla bla.


> being the same as


> Bla Bla<img src=whatever.jpg width=100/> bla bla.


> in a frame that's 200pt wide.


> As I said, I have it working for images as a separate flowable, it's just with

> images inline on paragraph xml markup that I can't figure it out.


If we are using the wrap width this ought to be fairly easy. I guess the
alternative would be to be lazy and relate % to the current line width at
breaking time. I assume we'll need to have something similar for height, but
presumably that ought to be related to line height.
Robin Becker

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