[reportlab-users] StyleSheet1 and has_key

Roberto Alsina ralsina at netmanagers.com.ar
Mon Jun 7 21:32:34 EDT 2010

Hi, I have recently tested rst2pdf with reportlab from SVN and only found one
problem: the StyleSheet1 class.

Here's what the old code looked like:

self.StyleSheet = StyleSheet1()

# Much later...

if self.StyleSheet.has_key(key):
return self.StyleSheet[key]

In SVN, StyleSheet1 has no has_key, and I get the right result using

if key in self.StyleSheet:

The bad part is, using "in" doesn't work with RL 2.4, and using "has_key"
doesn't work with RL from SVN.

I am now using this hack:

self.StyleSheet = StyleSheet1()
if not hasattr(self.StyleSheet, 'has_key'):
self.StyleSheet.__class__.has_key = lambda s, k : k in s

but I want to cry every time I see that code. Is there any chance of a working
StyleSheet1.has_key before next release?

Thanks in advance!

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