[reportlab-users] Rendering ZapfDingbats characters in Reportlab 2.3

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Jul 15 04:54:53 EDT 2010

On 15/07/2010 08:00, Tony Rich wrote:

> I need to render a few ZapfDingbats characters in PDFs generated

> using python 2.5.2 and Reportlab 2.3 - Ubuntu Linux only.


> This used to work perfectly in Reportlab 1.2 but not in RL 2.x.


> So far, no matter what unicode character I send, after setting

> the font to

> ZapfDingbats, the display in Ubuntu Linux (any reader at all) is

> a black square.


> Note that all characters in every other font generated are

> displayed properly,

> such as Times, Helvetica, etc, and Reportlab is currently doing

> this in a production

> program.


> Can anyone shed light on why the ZapfDingbats characters will NOT

> come up

> on Evince, Kpdf, Okular, or any other reader, when generating a

> PDF in Reportlab

> 2.3 - but WILL WORK in Reportlab 1.2 ??



Hi, my colleague Tim just ran the stdfonts.py demo which you can get here


under ubuntu 10.04 using a late svn reportlab and that appeared to work fine and
definitely showed some Zapf-Dingbats characters in evince. I don't believe any
major fix has gone in since 2.3 that would affect this.
Robin Becker

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