[reportlab-users] drawing on canvas while using platypus

Christian K. ckkart at hoc.net
Thu Aug 5 07:51:36 EDT 2010

Am 05.08.10 12:55, schrieb Robin Becker:

> On 05/08/2010 08:38, Christian K. wrote:

>> Dear list,


>> I would like to use platypus due to its simplicity but still need to use

>> the canvas draw methods for some pages which should contain exactly

>> positioned images and drawings. Currently (as beginner) I see two

>> possible ways to achieve that:


>> 1) do the drawing from within a page template

>> 2) use a Flowable subclass and override the draw method


>> Would you recommned either of these or are there better ways?


>> Regards, Christian

> ........

> I guess it depends on whether the images are related to elements of the

> story list. If you need to force something on to the same page as

> another flowable then you should probably use a flowable with zero

> width/height (it also needs an attribute _ZEROSIZE=1 to force some

> things to take notice of it). Paragraphs already have a mechanism to

> allow user code to execute (the onDraw tag) so perhaps that might also

> be a possibility. If it is page furniture then it probably ought to go

> into the template.

Ok, I see. It is not exactly what I need, though. Think of an image
appendix, where each page contains 2x2 images with caption text, so the
content of these pages is not part of the story nor is it decoration.

I will see how far I get using floawables. I already asked in the other
post: what are the limits for the width and height instance variables of
a Flowable?

Regards, Christian

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