[reportlab-users] registerFont stays how long in memory? what s the best place to register a font?

Thomas Kremmel thomasspin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 05:21:20 EDT 2010

Guys thanks a lot for your effort. I'm already pretty disappointed and do
not know how to go further.

I stumbled upon this thread from last year which seems to explain the same
problem as I have. I wrote the originator a mail asking how he get over this
problem. Maybe I get a response..


At least he knew how to get rid of this error by
setting MaxRequestsPerChild=1 . I think before we do have to live without
reportlab I think we could live with a slow web-app ;-) But actually it is
not really an option.

the options that Andi stated:

a) i will ask him
b) good idea. if a) does not help b) maybe does it
c) if a and b do not work. i will try c..

first we did run on mod_wsgi and the problem occured also. thus this is not
necessarily leading into the right direction. or do you think mod_wsgi could
could also fall back to something called a "restricted mode".

2010/4/20 Andy Robinson <andy at reportlab.com>

> On 20 April 2010 10:27, Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com> wrote:

> > the clearer error message appears to indicate that somehow the mod_python

> > process has switched into something called 'restricted mode'; once there

> all

> > bets are off and really strange things can happen like open not being

> > available.


> Interesting.


> Thomas, it seems like your options are

> (a) get your friend to check if any upgrades to mod_python are available

> (b) see if they can switch to another way of running Django (e.g. FastCGI)

> (c) switch to WebFaction


> I would personally suggest (c). It will take time to set up, but

> many, many people are running Django apps there without trouble and

> they have very good sysadmins who will help if this recurs.


> - Andy

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