[reportlab-users] registerFont stays how long in memory? what s the best place to register a font?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Apr 20 05:27:29 EDT 2010

On 19/04/2010 18:59, Thomas Kremmel wrote:

> We changed back to mod_python and it worked for two days and now I do occur

> another error which is:




> File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/reportlab/lib/utils.py", line 452,

> in open_for_read


> raise IOError('Cannot open resource "%s"' % name)




> IOError: Cannot open resource

> "/var/www/mydoamint/libs/reportlab/fonts/DarkGardenMK.afm"


> Which is pretty strange since this error is new, the file is available and I

> did not changed anything in the meantime. File is world-readable and I have

> no clue why it could not be read from one minute to the other.

> I ' m thinking of that the calibri font that I'm using is maybe damaged. Is

> this a possible source of problems? I do not know anything about fonts but

> it seems to me as if this could be the problem..

> Still it is strange that it sometimes work and sometimes it does not..er e


I think we've had this kind of error before, but it is related to the search
for a font. Andy's original code tries to locate an afm which has the right name
internally; along the way it may attempt to search along the T1 search paths and
open afms to see if they match the required resource. It could be that the
mod_python user doesn't have access to the font above in the reportlab fonts folder.

I think the real problem is mod_python; back in November we had a similar error
which I posted about in comp.lang.python

> A reportlab user running via mod_python+django (Python 2.5.2 and mod_python

> 3.3.1) reports a strange intermittent error involving failure to read files

> which are known to be present.


> After some debugging efforts we got this clearer error message



> File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/reportlab/lib/utils.py", line 810,

> in dump

> f = open(self.fn,'wb')


> IOError: file() constructor not accessible in restricted mode


> this is not the original error, but part of our efforts to debug; however, the

> original error was during an attempt to read a file so presumably open was not

> available there.


> Googling the error indicates something to do with restricted

> environments/mod_python+threads.


> I thought that restricted mode died ages ago.


> Any ideas what could be causing this?

> --

> Robin Becker

the clearer error message appears to indicate that somehow the mod_python
process has switched into something called 'restricted mode'; once there all
bets are off and really strange things can happen like open not being available.

I don't think we ever saw this ourselves running mod_python in a single use
environment, but mod_python certainly seems to be at risk from cross app
problems etc etc.
Robin Becker

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