[reportlab-users] Problem printing with lulu.com

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Apr 14 05:33:37 EDT 2010

On 13/04/2010 18:37, Roberto Alsina wrote:

> I am writing a book and generating PDFs vis rst2pdf and reportlab.


> I was thinking of printing via lulu.com but I get this error message:


> Your document could not be created: The Helvetica font is not embedded. The

> Times-Roman font is not embedded.


> I thought it made no sense to embed those fonts. But anyway, is there a way to

> embed them to make lulu happy?


> The book is completely typeset using the DejaVu fonts anyway.

There must be a residual reference to the fonts somewhere. I believe the default
font was changed from Times-Roman to Helvetica some time ago so I'm surprised
that Times-Roman gets a mention.

First off try creating a file, local_rl_config.py, parallel to rl_config.py with
your default font name in it ie

canvas_basefontname= 'deja-mine'

or whatever. You'll need to ensure the base font is registered prior to setting
up a canvas. Hopefully that should eliminate the initial reference to Helvetica.

Not sure where the Times-Roman stuff is coming in from.

Can you test your document building with RL_pageCompression=0 in the
environment. That should make the PDF more readable using an editor like vim. If
you can find out where the Times stuff is coming in then perhaps we can fix the

The real problem is that the printer doesn't know about these standard fonts
which are supposed to be built in to all postscript printers.
Robin Becker

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