[reportlab-users] [PATCH] Fix tests to run when spaces in path

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Apr 6 09:03:28 EDT 2010

On 01/04/2010 21:01, Yoann Roman wrote:

> Attached is a fairly simple patch off trunk that encloses calls to the

> Python executable in quotation marks so that the tests and doc

> generation run properly when Python is installed under "Program Files"

> on Windows.


> I verified that all tests ran successfully with the patch applied on

> Python 2.5.4.


> Thanks,

now we need the system where we can map " into rm -rf /* :)

OK I added these "s and hopefully we won't see any comeback from the unixers.
The only thing Bill G could have done worse would have been to allow '/' in file
Robin Becker

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