[reportlab-users] Looking for expert reportlab consultants to make some pretty charts

Matthew Wilson matt at tplus1.com
Thu Sep 17 11:50:24 EDT 2009

I'm working on a schedule management web application and I need to
make some pretty PDF calendars. I've been wrestling with reportlab,
and I'm making OK progress, but I have other stuff I want to focus on.

Is anyone interested in doing some consulting work? I need someone
that can make some tables that use background images, numerous
different font sizes, font colors, and font styles.

I already know how to build simple tables. I need a consultant that
can take my simple, boring work and make it look beautiful. The work
involves generating mockups of the design and then implementing the
design in reportlab. I need pretty!!! Boring and functional is

Please contact me directly if you are interested.


W. Matthew Wilson
matt at tplus1.com

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