[reportlab-users] ANNOUNCE: Client-server PDF creation with xtopdf and ReportLab and Python and XML-RPC

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Sun Oct 4 15:39:36 EDT 2009


Could you say a bit more about the problem you are trying to solve?
Here are some of the questions that popped into my mind when I read your

Why is it hard to convert text to PDF? I just run GNU enscript into
ps2pdf from GNU Ghostscript to do this -- no server required:

enscript -o- -M Letter foo.txt | ps2pdf - foo.pdf

And, if a server is for some reason useful, why is it better to have a
dedicated client, and drag XML-RPC into this? Why not just use an HTTP
server framework (say, SimpleHTTPServer), and let users just POST their
text to the server and get back the PDF as the reply value? Be more
useful for programs that way, and users don't have to install clients.


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