[reportlab-users] ANNOUNCE: Client-server PDF creation with xtopdf and ReportLab and Python and XML-RPC

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Sun Oct 4 14:54:53 EDT 2009

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 1:19 PM, Vasudev Ram <vasudevram at gmail.com> wrote:


> Hi list,


> I'm happy to announce the release of v1.0 of PDFXMLRPC, a client-server

> application that lets users create PDF content from text, over the Internet

> or their intranet, using Reportlab, xtopdf, XML-RPC and Python.


> Usage example for PDFXMLRPC:


> You can run the server on one computer which is connected to the Internet.

> You can run the client on another computer which is connected to the

> Internet.


> When you run the client, it sends text content to the server. The server

> then converts this text to PDF, and sends that PDF content back to the

> client over the Internet. The client then writes that PDF content to a local

> PDF file, which the user can then open / print / etc.

> (But also see the part about callability (i.e., programmability) of both the

> client and server below.)


> The announcement of PDFXMLRPC is here on my blog:


> http://jugad2.blogspot.com/2009/10/client-server-pdf-creation-with-xtopdf.html


> That blog post has a link to a zip file that you can download, which

> contains the PDFXMLRPC package.


> The zip file contains the following files:


> - PDFXMLRPCServer.py - the server

> - PDFXMLRPCClient.py - the client

> - README.txt - documentation of the prerequisites needed (*), the links to

> get them from, the steps to install PDFXMLRPC, and steps to run it (the

> server and the client).

> - License.txt - the license file (PDFXMLRPC is released under the BSD

> License)

> (*) The prerequisites are:


> - xtopdf v1.0, Reportlab v1.x and Python 2.x or higher for the server


> -  Python 2.x or higher for the client


> (XML-RPC is required for both the client and the server, but since it is

> included in the standard Python library, I don't treat it as a separate

> prerequisite).


> Although both the server and the client programs contain main() functions,

> and therefore both can be run as standalone programs, they are also both

> callable. There is one "top-level" class in each of the server and the

> client - PDFXMLRPCServer and PDFXMLRPCClient respectively.


> The main functions in the server and client, act as examples of how to call

> those classes.


> Since the classes are callable, you can incorporate the functionality of the

> server and the client, into your own larger programs, to get the

> functionality of client/server PDF creation over the Net, in your own

> applications.


> I welcome any feedback on this software.


> Finally, thanks a lot to the Reportlab team and all the users who've helped

> improve it, for their work.


Pretty cool.

You should post this message on your blog - it explains it pretty well.

Carl K

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