[reportlab-users] How to properly get alignments of flowables right...

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Oct 1 04:40:05 EDT 2009

Brower Jason wrote:

> I am trying to get my first flowable working in my pdf.


> It works, but I want to have it start at a certain upper left position.

> 5*cm x 5*cm


> Is there a way to designate that? It seems to always want to draw from

> the lower left. I have no problem with that, it's just that when I

> create the text in the box the starting point moves UP and I can't

> figure out how to logically place this object.


> Best Regards,


> Jason Brower

Although Drawings are flowables they were originally intended as stand alone
objects ie create a single bitmap, pdf, eps or svg image etc etc. If you intend
to use the flowable interface then either you add the flowable to a platypus
story or you need to use the drawOn method. So if D is your drawing you should
do something like


where canv is your pdf canvas and x and y are the coordinates with x measured
from left edge of the user space and y from the bottom.
Robin Becker

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