[reportlab-users] RTL Patch Committed

Hosam Aly haly at centrivision.com
Sun Nov 22 09:47:32 EST 2009

Andy Robinson wrote:

> 2009/11/19 Muayyad AlSadi <alsadi at gmail.com>:


>> fedora ships fribidi2 by pyfribidi1 that's why



> I'm trying to catch up on this - yesterday was a bit too busy at work

> to follow you all. This library-version stuff all sounds familiar

> from when I tried it from source a few months back, but sadly I did

> not keep notes.


> On ubuntu with just 'sudo apt-get install python-pyfribidi', the test

> on the branch runs and produces a page which reverses the order of

> glyphs, but does not shape the characters. Also, I cannot find any

> special content in the PDF spec about character shaping, so I guess

> the font is supposed


> Am I right in understanding that (a) it all works for Yoann, and (b)

> we'll need specific instructions on compiling pyfribidi for now, and

> will need to get Ubuntu to update their package to make it easy in

> future?


> Most RL staff run Ubuntu, and if we can get it working in one place,

> we can then produce instructions (and binaries if needed) for Win and

> Mac.


> Thanks,



You're right Andy. It works for me too now.

As for installing PyFribidi2, here are the steps to do it on Ubuntu 9.04:

0. Setup dependencies:

sudo apt-get purge libfribidi0 python-pyfribidi
sudo apt-get install autoconf gcc

1. Download fribidi-0.19.2, extract it, open a shell in the extracted
directory and execute the following command:

./configure && make && sudo make install

2. Download pyfribidi2-0.8.0, extract it, open a shell in the extracted
directory and execute the following command:

sed -i -r 's/\bfribidi2(\b|_)/fribidi\1/g' configure.in configure setup.py
./configure && make && sudo make install

3. Verify the installation:

>>> import pyfribidi2

Note: If you get an error about libfribidi.so.0 not being found, try
restarting the machine. If the problem persists, you may need to edit
"/etc/ld.so.conf", and add the following line:


And then run `sudo ldconfig`.

Best regards,

Hosam Aly
Software Engineer

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