[reportlab-users] Hebrew Support Patch

Hosam Aly haly at centrivision.com
Wed Nov 18 05:51:15 EST 2009

> Would it work if we extended this to have wordwrap = None | CJK | RTL?

I am not really aware about how this property is used. I'll have to
learn more about the code. It may be a good place, but I don't think the
there is need for a special word wrapping algorithm for Arabic. (I don't
know about other languages.)

> ... and in the long run, ReportLab 3 should just look at the Unicode

> code points and figure out that it's Arabic/Hebrew or CJKV)

I am not sure why ReportLab would need to do that. If you use the
fribidi library (or another similar library), the library itself should
be able to do that transparently.

> We're now hoping to do a release in Dec or early Jan, and it would

> be great to have some of this in.

That's great news. I hope we can get ReportLab to speak RTL languages
correctly in this release.

> If anyone could post some precise instructions on exactly what to

> install (e.g. Ubuntu packages, or precise source)

I have Ubuntu installed, and all I needed to do was:
apt-get install python-pyfribidi

As a side note, I'd prefer we continue the conversation on the RTL
thread, because the subject of this thread makes it harder for other
people to find it in search results (e.g. someone searching for
"reportlab farsi" or "reportlab arabic" in Google might find this thread
uninteresting, since it apparently talks about Hebrew only).

Best regards,

Hosam Aly
Software Engineer

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