[reportlab-users] Announce: rst2pdf 0.10.1 released

Roberto Alsina ralsina at netmanagers.com.ar
Sun May 17 08:05:12 EDT 2009

This is basically the same announcement as for version 0.10 from a few days
ago, with this extra notice:

This time, the release packages actually work. 0.10 was released with broken
tarballs that didn't install critical files because of a bug in setup.py.

As a bonus, there is exactly one (1) more bug fixed in 0.10.1, about PDF TOCs
created from titles containing the "&<>" characters.

Below, the original announcement:


It's my pleasure to announce the release of rst2pdf version 0.10.1. This
version includes many bugfixes and some new features compared to the previous
0.9 version.

Rst2pdf is a tool to generate PDF files directly from restructured text
sources via reportlab.

It aims to support the full restructured text feature set, and is very close
to that goal, while also including some of the more experimental features,
like a source code directive with syntax highlighting and math notation
support with LaTeX-like syntax.

It supports embedding arbitrary fonts, both True Type and PS Type 1, both
raster and vector images (including SVG), page transition effects, multiple,
flexible page layouts, cascading styles, and much, much more.

You can find more information about rst2pdf in its home page (
http://rst2pdf.googlecode.com), and ask anything you want in the rst2pdf-
discuss mailing list (http://groups.google.com/group/rst2pdf-discuss)

Here are the changes in this version compared to 0.9:

* Issue 87: Table headers can be repeated in each page (thanks to Yasushi
* Issue 93: Line number support for code blocks (:linenos: true)
* Issue 111: Added --no-footnote-backlinks option
* Issue 107: Support localized directives/roles (example: sommaire instead of
* Issue 112: Fixed crash when processing empty list items
* Issue 98: Nobreak support, and set as default for inline-literals so they
don't hyphenate.
* Slightly better tests
* Background colors in text styles work with reportlab 2.3
* Issue 99: Fixed hyphenation in headers/footers (requires wordaxe 0.3.2)
* Issue 106: Crash on demo.txt fixed (requires wordxe 0.3.2)
* Issue 102: Implemented styles for bulleted and numbered lists
* Issue 38: Default headers/footers via options, config file or stylesheet
* Issue 88: Implemented much better book-style TOCs
* Issue 100: Fixed bug with headers/footers and Reportlab 2.3
* Issue 95: Fixed bug with indented tables
* Issue 89: Implemented --version
* Issue 84: Fixed bug with relative include paths
* Issue 85: Fixed bug with table cell styles
* Issue 83: Fixed bug with numeric colors in backColor attribute
* Issue 44: Support for stdin and stdout
* Issue 79: Added --stylesheet-path option
* Issue 80: Send warnings to stderr, not stdout
* Issue 66: Implemented "smart quotes"
* Issue 77: Work around missing matplotlib
* Proper translation of labels (such as "Author", "Version" etc.) using the
docutils languages package. (r473)
* Fixed problems with wrong or non-existing fonts. (r484)
* Page transition effect support for presentations (r423)

I hope you enjoy this software!

("\''/").__..-''"`-. . Roberto Alsina
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