[reportlab-users] How can I insert CMYK JPG in CMYK pdfdocument ?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Jul 28 05:10:04 EDT 2009

Brower Jason wrote:

> As far as I know yes, there is such a thing as cmyk jpeg. At least I have done the conversions. You can use imagemagick with adobe's provided tools to make the conversions in imagemagick and linux.

> But I could be wrong, I am too busy to google today.

> Regards,

> JAson


CMYK jpeg is perfectly real and we do attempt to support it.
There are a number of issues related including the fact that the colour values
are often reversed ie we need to use 1-value rather than value. I suspect that
stephane's images have some tag which is wrong for acrobat and converting makes
them readable.
Robin Becker

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