[reportlab-users] Paragraph height wrong when using xml font tags

Volker Haas volker.haas at brainbot.com
Thu Jul 2 05:23:15 EDT 2009

Robin Becker wrote:

> Hi Volker,





> Volker Haas wrote:

>> Hi all.


>> The height of a paragraph flowable is not calculated correctly when

>> using xml font tags to change the font size. This only happens if

>> *all* of the text in the paragraph flowable is inside a font tag

>> which changes the size.



> I have attempted to commit a fix for this in the trunk. As I suspected

> the problem lies in the difference between the handling in the fast

> and slow paragraph paths. To fix this I needed to change the way

> autoLeading was behaving in the fast path; that involved getting rid

> of the approximation ascent=fontSize descent=0.2*fontSize at least as

> far as paragraph positioning is concerned.

Thanks for the fix!

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