[reportlab-users] doctemplate.py: use of isinstance on NullActionFlowable instance

Hans Brand hans at marcans.nl
Tue Jan 20 21:50:44 EST 2009

Hans Brand wrote:


>> class NullActionFlowable(ActionFlowable):

>> def apply(self):

>> pass


> My question is now whether the code


>> 632 elif isinstance(f,ActionFlowable):


> was not meant to include the NullActionFlowable

> OR

> that the apply function of the NullActionFlowable

> needs to include the doc parameter.


> Thanks in advance for your replies,

> Hans Brand

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Hi, me again,

After changing the definition of apply to include the doc parameter the
error did not occur any more and the resulting pdf file seems to look

class NullActionFlowable(ActionFlowable):
def apply(self, doc): <<<=== add doc parameter

Regards, Hans

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