[reportlab-users] RLExtras in apt-get package?

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Thu Jan 15 08:40:07 EST 2009


I noticed with some happiness the availability of the Ubuntu package
python-reportlab. I also noticed the presence of python-reportlab-accel
and python-reportlab-doc.

Our installation requires more than this, however. Specifically, we
require installation of the programs/packages of pyRXP, renderPM, rlextra,
rml2pdf, and rl_accel (which is the same as python-reportlab-accel?).
However, during build/installation, we had a problem with a GCC compile

It has been an ongoing problem for us getting our ReportLab installations
correctly set up (possibly due to our using a 1.x version at the moment,
though we want to change), and in the end I just copied the relevant
directories from a box wherein it was already installed, which doesn't bode
well for upgrading, etc.

Life would be better for many here, and probably elsewhere, if we had an
Ubuntu / debian file / apt-gettable installation for these components, as
well as any others I'm forgetting that are part of ReportLab's suite (and
yes, we are a paying customer of ReportLab).

Thanks for the good work!

-- Kevin

Kevin J. Rice, Senior Software Engineer, Textura Corp.
1405 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL 60015-5213

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