[reportlab-users] svg rendering and groups

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Tue Jan 13 03:57:11 EST 2009

jonas wustrack:

> We had a closer look at Dinu's code and noticed that he is using

> getCTM which returns the cumulative transformation matrix of the

> current group and all its parents, while still outputting the parent

> groups into the xml. Therefor transformations got applied twice or

> more in nested groups.

> Marcel's patch worked in a graphics POV because it serializing nested

> groups. The patch below sets the non-cumulative transformation matrix

> to each group, therefor preserving all the group information and still

> producing the right graphics.

> Can Dinu please review this, as he knows more about renderSVG.py than

> we do. We can then apply this patch to our repository.

Hi Jonas,

thanks for evaluating this! Right now I don't have the time and
ressources to test this thoroughly. The patch looks ok to me, but
I'd advise to write some more tests in test_renderSVG.py to verify



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