[reportlab-users] pdf417 barcodes

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Fri Jan 2 10:38:11 EST 2009

Carl Karsten:

>> I've done something like that for EuroPython 2008, or let's

>> say I offered doing it, but people said for about 200 people

>> the scanning wouldn't make much sense, which is mostly true.


> How were you going to implement it?

Well QR codes can be read with cameras in mobile phones (with
appropriate software) if that is what you mean.

>> For PyCon US and the general fear level in the US that might

>> be different. Here's a sample with the (not so meaningful)

>> QR codes generated by an online service and added as bitmaps

>> to the badges PDF file (in the end I made them much simpler):

>> http://python.net/~gherman/tmp/badges.pdf


> neat.


> Can you post the code?

Seems like I cannot find it right now, or it was throw away code.



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