[reportlab-users] Installing ReportLab on Mac

Reed O'Brien Reed.L.OBrien at nasa.gov
Fri Jan 2 09:52:22 EST 2009

On Jan 2, 2009, at 8:56 AM, Andy Robinson wrote:

> 2009/1/2 Reed L. O'Brien <Reed.L.OBrien at nasa.gov>:

>> setuptools?


> Aaarrggghhhh! First working day of 2009 and we're back in that

> dreadful discussion ;-) Guido



> For everyone who likes setuptools, others dislike it for equally good

> reasons. I think distutils sucks too, but some very major

> repackagers (Ubuntu) prefer the classic distutils script.

I am not suggesting a change. I merely read bullet 4 (put it all in
PyPi) of your earlier email and mistakenly interpreted that as having
already move to setuptools.



> For now we are trying to help both camps. If you get the subversion

> code, there is a main 'setup.py' which uses distutils; and an

> alternative 'setup_egg.py' for anyone who prefers to built distros

> with setuptools. We have put less effort into the latter and if any

> volunteers want to do things to it, feel free.

Again I am more than happy to maintain a package my own index.



> - Andy

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