[reportlab-users] TinyRML and like stuff

Peter Mott peter at monicol.co.uk
Sun Dec 13 14:47:04 EST 2009

I've used the ReportLab toolkit from time to time and been very grateful
for the authros making it available. I know (or think) that Reportlab
sells a solution that turns XML into PDF via the toolkit. I know (or
think) that TinyRML attempts to replicate this solution for free. I have
always felt that TinyRML was unsporting and though no doubt legal
violated the spirit of ReportLab's making the toolkit available. So I am
minded not to use it.

Am I being overscrupulous here? Does Reportlab deprecate the creation
and distribution of programs that turn HTML into PDF using its toolkit?

This has been bugging me on and off for a long time so I finally thought
i would ask.#



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