[reportlab-users] PDF File corrupt

Dani Reguera dreguera at tagzania.com
Fri Dec 4 06:25:16 EST 2009

I generated the pdf file with reportlab, then I choose "Open with..." and
select "Acrobe REader" and gives me that error, all this with Ubuntu.
Also I have tested sending via e-mail and trying to open with Windows and
gives me the same problem. File corrupted.

2009/12/4 Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com>

> Dani Reguera wrote:


>> hi everybody!


>> I have the next problem and maybe anyone could help me,

>> I have created a pdf file with reportlab, and with the document viewer of

>> Ubuntu, I can see the file, but the problem is where I try to open this

>> file

>> with adobe acrobat reader. It says me that the file is corrupted. How can

>> I

>> solve this? Anyone more have had the same problem? How gives me this

>> message

>> "File corrupted" if I can see with the document viewer of Ubuntu?


>> Any help would be appreciated,


>> Thanks.


> .......

> did you copy the file or email it to get to the Acrobat Reader? My

> colleague is using ubuntu + reportlab and can open reportlab pdfs with the

> linux version of acrobat reader.

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> Robin Becker

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