[reportlab-users] Problem with embedded font, help needed

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Aug 24 05:35:01 EDT 2009

Roberto Alsina wrote:

> Hello, this is slightly offtopic because I can't reproduce this problem using

> only reportlab, but I am at my wits end and this is the only list I know with

> people who know about PDF files :-(


> Basically: on some RARE occasions, which I can't isolate yet, sphinx+rst2pdf

> will produce, via reportlab, a PDF with a font that's not embedded correctly,

> and then the file has no visible text in it.


> I hve uploaded one such file here:

> http://lateral.netmanagers.com.ar/static/rusty.alt.pdf


> Anyone has access to a preflight tool that may tell me what's wrong with it?


> I have processed every most parts of that file producing decent output, but

> when it's all done at once, this happens.


> Thanks in advance for any help.


well opening directly with Acrobat Reader gives an error about
AAAAA+DejaVuSans..... so it's broken.
Robin Becker

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