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King Simon-NFHD78 simon.king at motorola.com
Tue Aug 18 10:46:17 EDT 2009

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> Simon,


> I have now got round to using your patch and I think I have

> implemented it and a

> couple of other features (overprint & separations). This

> should be in the latest

> svn code. Not sure if these are working exactly as intended,

> but can you check

> the transparency support and see if it works for you?

> --

> Robin Becker


Great - thanks a lot for implementing this!

It doesn't seem to work completely. The first problem is simple (stroke
opacity in shapes is applied incorrectly - see the attached patch). The
second problem is that opacity doesn't seem to work on String objects. I
haven't tracked that one down yet.

Other than that, a simple test script seems to work, but it doesn't when
incorporated into our application. I'll see if I can figure out what the
problem is and let you know.

Thanks again,

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