[reportlab-users] Memory Error

Paul Barrass paul.barrass at safeonlinebilling.com
Fri Aug 7 08:09:32 EDT 2009

stephan0h at gmx.net wrote:

> Hi Group,


> I've got an memory error:

> content = f.encode(content)

> File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/reportlab/pdfbase/pdfdoc.py",

> line 716, in encode

> text = _AsciiBase85Encode(text)

> MemoryError


> I use Reportlab to create a kind of photo album. The one I tried to

> create is about 100 pages, the images are 300 dpi.


> Any ideas?


How much memory are you trying to use, and how much do you actually
have? top would answer both of these questions whilst running the script.

What format are the images in, and how well are they compressed?

Paul Barrass.

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