[reportlab-users] Reportlab text not searchable in Apple OSX Preview.App? but searchable in Acrobat and google-pdf viewer ?

hari jayaram harijay at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 20:59:26 EDT 2009

Hi I have just used reportlab for generating some scientific reports
Its a great library and I was up and running in no time to create the
reports ( see links below)

I noticed however that the text laden pdfs I am rendering are not searchable
using Apple Mac (Leopard) OSX Preview.App

When I use the built in search within Preview.App only single characters
light up ( only single characters show matches like a , b , c , d ) No words
light up..

The very same pdfs are searchable in Adobe Acrobat on a PC and in Googles (
GMAIL) built in pdf viewer . The Google pdf viewer even highlights every
occurace and gives great statistics.

But something about my pdfs make Preview not digest the run of characters as
Since a lot of the users are Mac users . How can I allow Preview.App to
understand that "Peg 400" in my pdf is a word and not p , e , g etc etc..

Thanks a tonne for this great library..
Your help in making my pdfs searchable in Preview.App will be greatly

source : (
examples (see
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