[reportlab-users] _rl_accel [was Paragraph "Hack"]

Paul Barrass paul.barrass at safeonlinebilling.com
Tue Oct 21 07:59:05 EDT 2008

Andy Robinson wrote:

> 2008/10/21 Paul Barrass <paul.barrass at safeonlinebilling.com>:


>> If maintaining separate setup files for the "stand alone" addons isn't

>> practical now that it's officially part of the package, then making the last

>> revision pre-rearrangement available could be arranged to help out people

>> still using older versions?



> It's all still there in http://www.reportlab.org/ftp/


> I think the main setup script should build the extensions, but it's possible

> there were bugs fixed in SVN since 2.2.


The 2.2 package builds the extensions without any problems, at least on
my system.

The daily snapshot of the extensions (for use with pre-2.2 versions,
which didn't come with the extensions) no longer (as far as I can tell)
contain the setup files, probably because they've been rolled into the
package setup files for 2.2. I was just suggesting that rather than
maintain two seperate setup environments (one for standalone, one for
the package) it may have been more convenient to leave an older version
of the extensions (before the setup was moved into the package) on the
FTP for pre-2.2 users. Of course, if the setup files could make their
way back into the snapshots, that would probably be better.

Paul Barrass.

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