[reportlab-users] Paragraph "Hack"

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Oct 21 06:45:02 EDT 2008

2008/10/21 Paul Barrass <paul.barrass at safeonlinebilling.com>:

> Hi List,


> After years of trouble-free use of ReportLab, I've come across a couple of

> issues.


> It appears that _rl_accel is no longer available as a "stand alone" download

> - the daily snapshot seems to be missing some setup files (setup.py being

> notable in it's absence). Is this the case, or have I missed something?

We did a repository rearrangement recently at the request of what we
perceived was the majority of the community. It's possible we broke
or changed the daily snapshots and we'll take a look.

_rl_accel and _renderPM are in subversion and in the 2.2 tar.gz files
under src/rl_addons. The idea is to have them in the main reportlab
distros, and thus prebuilt in any Windows installers, or built by
"setup.py install" for those with a compiler.


> I've upgraded to ReportLab 2.2, and I'm having visual problems with

> Paragraphs.

I can't offer an immediate answer but have ensured both issues are
logged in our tracker:


We'll ensure we work through this soon.

Best Regards,


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