[reportlab-users] [PATCH] Add TTF Embedding Option

Yoann Roman yroman-reportlab at altalang.com
Wed Oct 15 15:06:28 EDT 2008

Per the earlier discussion (see "Disable TTF Embedding"), I was looking
for a way to replicate Acrobat's "never embed" font option in RL.

The only patch needed for TrueType fonts was to ttfonts.py. The default
behavior does not change; this adds an optional "embed" argument to
TTFont that, if explicitly set to 0, will prevent the font embedding.

I wasn't sure if the encoding was necessary. Acrobat specifies it, the
spec says its optional, and RL leaves it out for TTFs. I followed RL
and left it out.

I'm certainly no PDF spec expert and don't know if this has unintended
side effects. I also realize most people won't need this, but, since it
doesn't change the default behavior and is a minimal patch, I don't see
any harm in adding it.


Yoann Roman
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