[reportlab-users] Doubts about split()

Roberto Alsina ralsina at netmanagers.com.ar
Fri Nov 14 08:18:37 EST 2008

I am not sure I understand split() for platypus flowables.

The docs say if a flowable can split:

Clever flowables should split themselves and return a list of flowables. It
is up to the client code to ensure that repeated attempts to split are

This is because split can return [self] right? So I must check if the flowable
has already been "splitted" and in that case what should I return?

If the space is sufficient the split method should return [self]. Otherwise
the flowable should rearrange itself and return a list [f0,...] of flowables
which will be considered in order.

Suppose I have a box B containing paragraphs P1 P2 P3. The suppose P1 would
fit in the available space.

I should return [Box(P1),Box(P2,P3)] , right?

Sorry about the pseudo code, I mean two boxes, one containing P1, the other P2
and P3 ;-)

What should I return when there is no way to fit anything in the available
space and everything should be moved to the next page?

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