[reportlab-users] Visual Diff Tool

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Nov 13 11:03:35 EST 2008

Dirk Holtwick:

> So my question: has anyone seen a tool like this around? If so,

> please let me know where to find it. Otherwise I would write the

> visual diff tool and maybe Reportlab also likes to use visual test

> cases for their toolkit?

I think, people just write this kind of stuff themselves,
if they really need it, as I did a while ago [1]. If I re-
member correctly, Stefan Richter also did that for z3c.rml,
maybe you want to look into that code...



[1] http://two.pairlist.net/pipermail/reportlab-users/2003-September/002094.html

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