[reportlab-users] Embed comments in PDF?

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Nov 7 09:45:01 EST 2008

2008/11/7 Darren Govoni <darren at ontrenet.com>:

> Hi,

> Is it possible to read in an existing PDF, write comments into yet (so

> they appear as comments to Adobe Reader) and write it back out with

> reportlab? Maybe the "comments" are just some metadata, but I couldn't

> see in the API how this might be done.

No it isn't. Our commercial package doesn't do this either. Sorry!

> PS. I also tried to contact the PyPDF author, but no response after 3

> tries.

In the open source world people do tend to move onto new projects,
sadly. Except for us - we mostly remain stationary on the same old
project ;-)

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