[reportlab-users] <pto> tags within TinyErp

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sat Jun 21 09:08:42 EDT 2008

2008/6/21 Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com>:

> Stephen Hall wrote:

>> Does anyone know if <pto> tags should work within TinyErp reports? I am

>> getting blank output for anything contained within them.

> Unfortunately I have no idea what TinyErp is except that there's a website

> which directs you to openerp where large amounts of links and stuff awaits.

> How does it relate to reportlab?

It uses TinyRML, which was an RML clone written by Fabian PInckaers
several years ago. It uses our engine but not our parser, and since
PTO was implemented years later by ourselves, I am pretty sure it does
not support this tag.

RML is trademarked by ReportLab and the only implementation we can
support properly is our own (commercial) one.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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