[reportlab-users] newbie question about PDF-generation from template

Andreas Rudolph andy at openindex.de
Mon Jun 16 06:50:43 EDT 2008

Hi Werner,

> You can read all about ``z3c.rml`` and see many examples on how to use

> it, see the "RML Reference":


> http://svn.zope.org/z3c.rml/trunk/src/z3c/rml/rml-reference.pdf?view=auto


> It does all what you asked for and probably even more.

thanks for your advice. Do I need an installation of Zope to use this
library or can it be used standalone?

I never used RML, but it looks pretty nice after a first quick look.

One other question in this context: Can I manipulate existing
AcroForm-textfields with this library / RML?


Andreas Rudolph

technik at openindex.de


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