[reportlab-users] Install fails under virtualenv

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Jun 10 17:52:09 EDT 2008

Tim Lesher wrote:

> I'm trying to install ReportLab toolkit 2.1 in a virtualenv environment

> (i.e., without root privileges), but installation is failing.


> The issue seems to be the manual path munging that the setup.py script does

> in package_home(). It always picks up the system-wide lib installation,

> rather than the local one.


> Is there any reason not to use distutils' package_data argument to setup()

> instead?


> Just removing "data_files=DATA_FILES.items()" and replacing it with

> "package_data={'reportlab': _FILES}" appears to do the right thing in my

> testing.


unfortunately I think a lot of the setup.py code has been contributed by
more than one person. I think the DATA_FILES setup is attempting to
ensure that non-python code/data gets placed at the right place. It's
using distutils' view of where home should be, not what distutils will
really use. I suppose that code is now bad for your usage. Does anyone
know the semantic difference between date_files and package_data?
Robin Becker

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