[reportlab-users] using pageCatcher with reportlab

Michael Hearne mhearne at usgs.gov
Tue Jul 15 17:07:00 EDT 2008

I just got a 30-day license of pageCatcher from ReportLab, and I'm
trying to figure out how to use it to embed PDF images in a document in
the same way that one would an Image. I would like to be able to
position the embedded PDF image at a particular position - the
pageCatcher intro document seems to suggest that this is possible (they
mention corporate logos, for example) but I can't find any samples in
the distribution that do anything other than sticking PDF files
together, or putting widgets (i.e., barcodes) on top of PDF files.

Does anyone have a really simple example of pagecatcher used for
something like placing a PDF logo into a Canvas?


Mike Hearne

Michael Hearne
mhearne at usgs.gov
(303) 273-8620
USGS National Earthquake Information Center
1711 Illinois St. Golden CO 80401
Senior Software Engineer
Synergetics, Inc.

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