[reportlab-users] More than 100 images (PNG) into a PDF report

Daniel de Sousa Barros danielsb2 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 11 08:23:16 EDT 2008

I'm trying to append more than 1000 images into one PDF report, but i get the "IOError: Too many..."
Someone know solution for it?

I'm trying to generate de report using reportlab + PIL.
This is the code:

> for i in lista:

>>>colab = Paragraph(i[0], style('1_b'))

>>>imagem = Image(i[1]) #i tried lazy=2, but i get an error like this : "_file"

>>>imagem.drawHeight = 18*cm * imagem.drawHeight / imagem.drawWidth

>>>imagem.drawWidth = 18*cm


>>>dados = [

>>> [colab, ''],

>>> [imagem, '']

>>> ]

>>>tabela = Table(dados, [19.3*cm, 0.01*cm], repeatRows=True)

>>>tabela.hAlign = "LEFT"


>>>story.append(Spacer(0*cm, 1*cm))

>doc.build(story, onFirstPage = cabecalhoRetrato,


I do the same question in yhe python-list, but i dont' understand norseman...

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