[reportlab-users] Specifying chart join axis to intersect point does not draw line below that point

Stevens, Ian IStevens at globeandmail.com
Fri Jul 4 19:49:53 EDT 2008

I need a chart with 2 points on it, with one of the points centered on
the chart intersected by two lines, one parallel to each axis. The
result ishould be like a crosshair centered in the chart with one point
at the center of the crosshair. I've accomplished most of what I need
with ScatterPlot:

centerPointX = ...
centerPointY = ...
plot = ScatterPlot()
plot.xValueAxis.strokeColor = plot.yValueAxis.strokeColor =
plot.xValueAxis.joinAxisMode = plot.yValueAxis.joinAxisMode =
plot.xValueAxis.joinAxisPos = centerPointY
plot.yValueAxis.joinAxisPos = centerPointX

This produces a white axis centered on the point, but the lower half of
the y-axis beneath the point is missing. How can I get the y-axis to
descend to the bottom of the chart?

Also, any suggestions as to how I can force the chart to center itself
around the given point?

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