[reportlab-users] Problem splitting a table if one column spans all rows

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Jan 16 13:48:03 EST 2008

Stevens, Ian wrote:

> I have a 2-column table where the second column spans the entire table:


> ('SPAN', (1,0), (1,-1))


> There may be as many as 3 rows in the first column. If there isn't room

> for the last row, the table is split but the entire first column is

> brought with it, regardless of whether there is enough room for its

> contents before the split. Is there any way to force the contents of

> the second column to remain in place if they will fit?


> I tried spanning the first row after the split across the table, but

> _calcSpanRanges() crapped out as it was attempting to concat str and

> int:


> ('SPAN', (0, 'splitfirst'), (1, -1))


> Any ideas?


> thanks,

> Ian.

well you have to think what is implied if one column is supposed to be the whole
table height and then the table needs to split. Clearly something is broken with
our implementation and possibly your idea of what ought to happen. Properly
speaking the table should always refuse to split (some bug of ours allows it
to). I can try to fix the bug, but I don't think you can ask me to split your
table :)
Robin Becker

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