[reportlab-users] embedded png image quality

Jason Craig jason at iwocreative.com
Thu Jan 10 14:25:56 EST 2008

James Crone wrote:

> Hi,


> I`m embedding a PNG image (a map rendered from MapServer) into a pdf

> using reportlab with:


> import Image

> from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas

> from reportlab.lib.pagesizes import portrait,A4


> myImage = Image.open("C:/input_map_image.png")

> bgsMapCanvas =

> canvas.Canvas("C:/output_map_doc.pdf",pagesize=portrait(A4))

> bgsMapCanvas.setPageCompression(0)

> bgsMapCanvas.drawInlineImage(myImage,0,0,myImage.size)

> bgsMapCanvas.showPage()

> bgsMapCanvas.save()



> in the resulting pdf the embedded PNG image has been compressed

> resulting in a loss of image quality and a fuzzy map document :-( . Is

> it possible to prevent (PNG) images from being compressed when I add

> them to a document?


> Thanks in advance,


> James


I've noticed that in rendering a PDF, if am image is resized (i.e. if it
is drawn resized or if the PDF is not shown at actual size) then images
often look weird, but upon printing for example the images look fine.
Perhaps this is what you are experiencing?



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