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Shigesan Takuya tjleny at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 29 09:02:05 EST 2008


I am doing on some simple form filling application in which user can enter some other basic information and there is also a last field (text field) for user to type in their comments/reviews.
So, for the text field, I would expect a long entry (up to multiple paragraphs) from user sometimes.
After the form submission, user can then generate the PDF document/form reflecting all their entries.

Other fields are fine, and I had no problem with them.
But there is a problem which I encountered with 'free text field': (i) there is no spacing in between the paragraphs (if there is more than 1 paragraph). (ii) if I've got a long table (i.e., a long entry that spans over 1 page & doesn't fit into 1 page table, the 1st page will be blank for this free text part, and all the entry will be shown on the 2nd page). (iii) if the entry is long enough to span over 2 pages, I will get an error in a pdf generation... [ :( ]

So.. my question is quite obvious, actually..
-> is there any way that I can get a nice spacing in between paragraphs?
-> any nice methods that I can go for to solve problem (ii) and (iii)?

P.S. I am using "Paragraph" when outputting the entry.


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