[reportlab-users] Backward textflow through minipages?

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Feb 28 06:54:51 EST 2008


I have a project using sets of "minipages" on every document page.
Both, the document pages and the minipages themselves are double-
sided. The minipage content is different for each minipage. Think
of a novel printed on minipages which will be printed, cut and
bound to a booklet in smaller format.

Now, Platypus provides the NextFrame flowable for frame switching,
but I cannot see an obvious way to jump *backward* to a frame (mini-
page) on a previous (physical) page. Is that so or am I missing

Surely there are tools for "minipaging" a PDF document, but I have
seen none which would allow the necessary degree of layout flexi-



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