[reportlab-users] How to put a newline break in a XPreformatted?

Shigesan Takuya tjleny at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 28 04:43:44 EST 2008

if you just put in a line break that should work

ie XPreformatted('a\nb\nc',...)
should be three lines.
Robin Becker
Hi Robin,

Now, I've sorted it out how to put a breakline.

Thank you for your reply.

But, I've got another question which is still related to my previous query.

I am supposed to put a checkbox together with my long string (p.s. I have the method to draw the box).

Okay, now if I am using "\n" to properly print my long string into
several lines, I discovered that the checkbox will always appears on
the last line of my sentence (string), which is not really appropriate
and doesn't look good in the PDF form itself.

So, what approach can I use so that I can have my checkbox always
appear nicely on the first line regardless of the string length?

Is there any way that I can do to put a positioning on my checkbox
drawing method? or is there any better alternative to achieve my

Just to give you a clearer idea:

t = Table([[[XPreformatted(" This is a very long long long
string to be printed in a PDF Form with a checkbox at the beginning
of \n the first line. Again, a repeated sentence: This is a very long
long long string\n to be printed in a PDF Form together with a
checkbox at the beginning of the first line", someParagraphStyle),
In this case, the checkbox will appear on the 3rd line

Thanks in advance for replying. I am a newbie in using Reportlab, but would look forward to progress further!


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