[reportlab-users] Flowing onto second column

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Feb 14 12:26:53 EST 2008

Jim Steil wrote:

> Robin: I just ran my code, but modified a bit so that it doesn't

> include the table in the flowables to include in the column. Now, it

> only has a paragraph, and everything works. When I put the code back in

> to include the Table, I get the error mentioned. Is what I'm doing

> something that cannot be done, or am I missing something here? What I

> want to be able to do is to display tables (similar, but one right after

> another) in a two-column page, and have the tables wrap to the next

> column when the current column fills up. I'm using the example sited by

> Tim as my basis. I have modified it to include Tables as well as

> Paragraphs.

> -Jim


I don't know Tim's example, but you can certainly have tables that flow from one
frame to the next.
Robin Becker

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