[reportlab-users] Producing pages out of order - possible?

Paul Sleigh bat at flurf.net
Tue Apr 29 08:30:28 EDT 2008

Dinu Gherman wrote:

> Paul Sleigh:


>> Is there a documentation wiki anywhere, so I can take what I've

>> learned and put it into a usable form for whoever follows in my

>> footsteps?


> Not AFAIK. ReportLab is a Wiki-agnostic place, or at least

> it used to be.

In that case, I'll liveblog the project and post a pointer to the
result, with a Creative Commons license so you can incorporate anything
you want into future manuals.

Taking a look through the manuals, I'm quite impressed. This is well
ahead of the library I was using, or even the one I was writing to
replace it. And the unutterable joy of using Python instead of PHP...
Looks like I'm sold.

: P :

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